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Western Canadian Blacksmiths'Guild

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Current WCBG News Items

News for March 11, 2011: Draft copy of website launched via personal webspace at telus.net. Some browsers have text over-write problems, so this has been fixed.

Update for August 19, 2011:
The Leduc West Annual Exposition, July 23 & 24, 2011 was cancelled due to rain. The Fall Show, Saturday September 10 & 11, 2011 will be extended to include Sunday in order to make up for the days that were lost in July.

Added more information on coal under Resources and "More".

Added photos of this year's demo events in the Gallery, under "Members and Activities".
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Members can send pictures and information to our Email address below:
All additions to the website will be placed here as soon as possible, and will eventually be incorporated into their repective sections. This page will be updated on short notice as requests come in from members regarding upcoming events or recent photos of past projects and activities.
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Old Stuff:
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WCBG Demos for 2011
At George Pegg Botanical Garden
Dennis at Mayerthorpe, Alberta
Scott at Rochfort Bridge
Portable Equipment Setup for Demos